NOLA Part 2: My Outward Experience

"Thank you NOLA for an Amazing time."

Biegnets? Ask about them - fried dough with powdered sugar. They’re heavenly. We shall get to more food encounters as the post continues.

I spent my first day solo; I had a day to plan what I wanted to do, on my time, no interruptions and opinions. New Orleans was off to a hell of a start. I spent my first day touring the French Quarter on a beach cruiser (The Pee Wee Herman bike for those that are unaware). I rented the bike at a local shop for about $20 or less. We won’t dwell on how afraid I was of biking in a busy city, but I conquered, and enjoyed doing so. My first stop was food, of course,  Oceana Grill which deserved two visits during my stay. There wasn’t one restaurant without Etouffee on the menu, Creole this and blackened that. Fat Tuesdays, Café Du Monde and Dat Dog were also necessary stops. If you want to get creative with your hot dog, Dat Dog provides the ultimate experience. When it comes to beignets, Cafe Beignet is my favorite, but Cafe Du Monde is a close runner up. Bourbon Street was full of tourist and natives around the clock enjoying the open container law and vibing to the street music. The music was lovely - just imagine a street of talented individuals whose only goal is to please the ears of their audience.

Also, during my solo tour, I was sure to take a stop at Congo Square in Louis Armstrong Park within the neighborhood of Treme, an epicenter for African American music and history. I would HIGHLY recommend a visit to the eclectic neighborhood of Treme, where many festivals are held in celebration of the Afro-American culture. New Orleans is known for its colorful homes, main and second lines and bounce music. You would be so lucky to catch a midday parade, as I did; it was marvelous. The twirling of the parasol and melodies of the horns was definitely a different type of parade that I had encountered.

Furthermore, I had the opportunity of doing one of my favorite things in what would become one of my favorite cities. I went to see a DALLAS COWBOYS game. Super Dome visit, check! Our hotel, the Hyatt Regency, provided an amazing view. It was centrally located as it was walking distance from the French Quarter.

As mentioned, in part one of my NOLA post, the native’s accents are very soft on the ears. A dialect specific to a sole state makes them special and exclusive. New Orleans is a special place that I would recommend; if you have the chance, visit. Good vibes, from the people to the food to the atmosphere and offers an amazing history lessons.

Top two of my favorite US cities. Would I go back? Hell yes, for an extended time, if I had my way.


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