I Love Chicago!

"Don't Cheat Yourself a View of the Skyline"

How can I sum Chicago up in my two trips to The Taste of Chicago? The Taste, was a great way to sample many of Chicago's culinary staples in a short frame of time. Ranging from, Chicago-style hot dogs, to west indian cuisine to fresh fruit, The Taste offers it all. Other than a short, domestic trip, my time in Chicago was spent with my closest friends and sorority sisters (of course, you know I went the ONLY WAY). So now, you have food, family and friends, could it get any better? Of course it could, food, family and friends, a boat and libations. That’s right, we rented a pontoon boat! My first time going I was captain, but my guy friends on the second go round wouldn’t give up the driver’s seat. We sailed the Chicago River and had an amazing time. Thanks Groupon!

Chicago has always been one of my favorite cities. The skyline, food, Oprah. In addition to it being a shopping district, Michigan Ave is home to the infamous Garrett’s popcorn, which is now making a presence all over the country, if we could just get one in DC, but maybe it’s better that it’s only accessible when traveling. The Aviary, a swank mixology bar in Chicago was quite experience. The drinks are strong and exclusive and they sell pork rinds the size of a toddler.

Beyond The Taste, collectively I got to experience Michigan Ave, which is never good for me because I can’t leave empty handed. Let’s not talk about the Zara semi-annual sale. Michigan Ave is where you can find  many luxury designer shops as well as your favorite department stores. The Chicago Art Institute and the top floor of the Willis Tower were also stop ins. OH Millennium Park! The Bean is a pretty, cool selfie photo opp. A visit to Grant Park afforded me the opportunity to see Erykah Badu perform as she was a featured artist for Taste of Chicago 2015. It was the ultimate sing along/karaoke session.

If I could provide lodging recommendations, I would definitely suggest, an Airbnb that provides a view of the skyline, we sure did. Views of Lake Michigan can be phenomenal.

BTW, if you are ever looking for further insight on my travels, feel free to email me. There’s so much more to tell.


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