There was a college girl who took her first, self-funded, liberated, friends-only trip to Miami for spring break 2011, needless to say, she never looked back. She is ME! Now, the way to this girl’s heart is nothing more than a boarding pass and passport stamp. I made a promise to myself, after graduation, the world would be my oyster. I would leave no key unturned, no territory uncharted and no page empty in my passport book.

How would I do it?

I wasn’t exactly certain as to how it would come to fruition because I, then, thought the same as many. It’s expensive, expensive, expensive. Travel can only be done once a year, and must be planned monthsssssss (years for some) in advance. As I work my way through each of my voyages leading up to my present-day trips, it will become evident as to how I have developed a skill for planning travel – economically, and a splurge for the hell of it, every now and again.

Travel has always been a piece of me – a hidden piece for some time, but its no longer a secret. Moving into the new year I’ve vowed to live by one quote, figuratively and literally.

“Travel Lightly”

Happy trails!


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