PurposeTravelPassion (PTRVLP) was created to increase travel of people of color domestic and abroad to support and help create, build and maintain sustainable projects while meshing various cultures traveled. The exchange of cultures is vital as we must spread as well as learn new ways of life to broaden our horizons. Those with an eagerness for a particular cause will be aligned with individuals that share a common passion, thus expanding their personal net worth.


The coined term Sustainable Tourism best describes PTRVLP – participating in service projects while traveling domestic and abroad that create sustainable practices for challenged communities. It is a goal of PTRVLP to create opportunities for economical travel with the use of sponsorships to make travel a reality for some. For skilled-individuals who desire to serve and willing to work during their travels, PTRLVP will establish itineraries that focus on a cause and destination that will include service projects as well as the opportunity to immerse in the local culture.

We focus on five pillars that will increase your social responsibility through aligning your mission with helping to mitigate domestic and international socioecomic challenges.   

  • Minority Travel

  • Culture Exchange

  • Social Responsibility

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Global Sustainable Tourism

"We are a U.S. sustainable travel company that enhances economic opportunities for host communities and businesses in international countries."

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